***Oak Glen German Shepherds  ***
Yucaipa, California 

Why Choose Mobile Pet Grooming ?
  • We use only biodegradable products
  • Our water is filtered soft water(never hard tap water)
  • One on one care!
  • No kennels!
  • Treats for every pet  
  • Lots of hugs and kisses
  • Less stress on pets
  • No exposure to other animals
  • No drop off or pick-up
  • No tranquilizers

Our Customers expect nothing but the best and that is what we deliver!!

Mobile dog grooming pricing:

Why choose mobile pet grooming when it cost more?
When I groom your pet they have my undivided 
attention. I don't answer phones, greet other 
clients, they never have to sit in a kennel.
If your pet is nervous or scared I can take as much 
time as needed to help them feel safe and 
comfortable with their grooming. I will always be 
their groomer so we can build a relationship.

I take tremendous pride in my work and will make sure you are happy with the results..not just the first but every visit!

All Groomers are NOT the same.
With Grooming you get what you pay for..that simple.
I am not the cheapest around so if you're just looking for rock bottom pricing and you don't care what your dog looks like as far as evenness of coat then I'm not for you!!

I do not cut corners
Every dog I groom is thoroughly hand dryed before I hand him or her back to the customer
A freshly bathed dog left damp will not smell fresh at the end of the day!
90 percent of my customers call me back after their first grooming(no lie!)

My prices are based on size, condition of coat, type 
of coat, and temperament of pet.
Please understand prices are for reference only.

***Baths starting at $45 
Depending on the size and type of pet.
Baths include ear cleaning/Nail trim/Anal glands/Teeth brushed/Hand fluff dry/cologne

***Full Groom: Starting at 75.00
Depending on size and type of pet
Includes: Nails, pads, ears, anal glands, sanitary, bath, 
blow dry, brush, teeth, Includes all types of 
shampoos(with the exception of flea, and 
de-shedding), conditioner when needed/cologne.  

***De-shedding treatment: Starts at 85.00. Please 
note that pets with an undercoat,or blowing out 
their coat will be charged for the de-shedding 
treatment. It is not an extra charge on top of the 
bath. Example: 45# Sheltie is $85.
Larger dogs over 70# will be charged more.
Example: 100# lab is $100
Max weight  is 160#
Multi-Dog Discounts will absolutely apply!

***Flea Treatment: $15.00
***Deticking(Starts at $15 depending on extent of condition)
There is a 20.00 extra charge for extremely matted 
dogs or heavy brush outs, due to the extra time and 
care it will take to gently remove the matts.  

Note:Prices for Pet Grooming can be slightly higher in remote areas of San Bernardino County